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Shandong Qiwangda Group Petrochemical Co., Ltd.
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About Us

    Shandong Qiwangda Group Petrochemical Co., Ltd. established in 2004, located in Shandong Qilu Chemical Industrial Park, covers an area of ​​500 acres, nearly one thousand employees, with total assets of 20 billion yuan, is the production of aromatics products and propylene, polyethylene large-scale propylene-based petrochemical enterprises. April 29, 2007, was rated as "high-tech enterprises in Shandong Province. In 2012, the output value exceeded 60 billion yuan.
Introduction to the main device
    600,000 tons / year MCC device: The device is the first set of domestic heavy oil production of propylene and other chemical raw materials and light aromatics unit.
    100,000 tons / year of low-carbon hydrocarbon aromatization of the device: the device companies and domestic institutions in collaboration with independent intellectual property rights of high-tech projects, catalyst and process technology have reached the international advanced level, is the first set of utilization The low hydrocarbon aromatization production of aromatics device opened up a third production line in addition to the ethylene cracker, naphtha reforming, aromatic feedstock for the shortage of domestic resources.
    120,000 tons / year aromatics extraction unit: adopt international advanced combination of distillation and extraction technology to produce benzene, toluene, mixed xylenes.
    300,000 tons / year of gas separation device: sweetening process uses lye liquid film sweetening lye full contact with oxygen-enriched room temperature oxidized regenerated new process, hydrogenation light aromatic Fanchou mention technology, strengthen the sweetening effect.
    120,000 tons / young aromatics hydrogenation unit: blast furnace mixed hydrogen deep hydrodesulfurization, the fixed bed once-through hydrogenation process.
    40,000 tons / year MTBE plant: advanced etherification technology, combined with the existing the etherification device production experience, further optimize the process and control methods, product quality has reached advanced domestic level.
    30,000 tons / year polypropylene unit: intermittent bulk polymerization process for the production of polypropylene resin powder.
    10,000 tons / year sulfur recovery device to achieve clean production requirement: to build a modern green chemical companies, and invest in the construction of environmental projects. The device with the utility system is fully processed air and water generated by the production process, the emission targets to achieve the requirements of the State Environmental Protection, and that is to create a good social benefits, at the same time to increase the economic benefits for the enterprise.
    Sets 2000m3/hr pressure swing adsorption preparation Hydrogen Device (PSA): take full advantage of the by-product of dry gas to extract hydrogen to maximize recycling exhaust hydrogen sources in addition to meet the company's internal production needs, but also for the surrounding businesses.
Storage and transportation facilities: the total capacity of the raw material and product storage tanks of 125,000 m3;: liquid storage tank capacity of 112,000 cubic meters, the gas tank capacity of 13,000 cubic meters.
    Public works systems: perfect auxiliary utilities. Power system has a 35 t / h, 3.8MPa steam boilers, two sets of 25 tons / hour 1.6MPa steam boiler; 13,000 m3 / h circulating water system; 260 t / h reverse osmosis water treatment system; 75 tons / hour steam condensate recovery processing system; 200Nm3/min compressed air system; 500Nm3 / hour nitrogen system; 80 m3 / h of oily wastewater processing system. The company has a dedicated distribution system, Zibo City, Class A substation, power supply capacity of 31500 2kw / h, in addition to production of electricity to meet the company's power supply, but also on the surrounding businesses.
    The company is one of the members of the Sinopec network provider. The main products are pure benzene, toluene, mixed xylene, propylene, polypropylene, sulfur, mixed aromatics, heavy aromatics, aromatic oil slurry, C6C7 non-aromatic, C9 + aromatics, liquefied petroleum gas, propane, EPA, hydrogen rich alkane gases aromatization catalyst and MTBE.
The progress of science and technology
    (1) low-carbon hydrocarbon aromatization technology. Low-carbon hydrocarbon aromatization of high-octane gasoline and liquefied petroleum gas system technology in the domestic leading level in the country to promote the application of its complete set of production process is over 400,000 tons / year. For low-carbon hydrocarbon aromatization and liquefied gas production of high-octane gasoline catalyst DLP-Ⅱ, the performance in the domestic leading level, with a huge promotion and use value.
Aromatics extraction unit and low-carbon hydrocarbon aromatization device identification of scientific and technological achievements of the Shandong Province Science and Technology Department has been adopted in December 2006. Low-carbon hydrocarbon aromatization device to get Zibo Linzi District Technology Achievement Award.
   (2) Distillation extracted 120,000 tons / year aromatics extraction unit using international advanced distillation and extraction combining new technology, and a full set of device using the DCS control, equipped with advanced testing and analytical instruments, stable and reliable product quality.
    (3) Zibo City light hydrocarbon reforming engineering technology research center view of the 100,000 tons / year of low-carbon hydrocarbon aromatization device state-of-the-art technical performance, in July 2007, Zibo City light hydrocarbon reforming engineering technology research center in my The company was set up to provide favorable conditions for the further research and development of technology.
    (4) heavy oil to ease the cracking technology 600,000 tons MCC device using the world's most advanced easing of heavy oil cracking technology, the traditional crafts of the propylene yield was 2-fold, reaching a record 25%, light aromatics yield up to 16%, is currently the world's heavy oil into light components and light aromatic chemical raw materials, state-of-the-art technology has broad application prospects. The project can be effectively alleviate the shortage of propylene and aromatics resources, driven by the subsequent development of the processing industry, with good economic and social benefits.
    (5) municipal enterprise technology center in 2010, the company's technology center was audited for the city-level enterprise technical centers. Level enterprise technical centers identified fully prove that the company has a strong technological innovation capability and technology competitiveness, innovation performance significantly, and played an important guiding role in the industry,
Significant signs of the enterprise to a new level in the field of economic and technological.
Strategic Development
    (1) In 2009, formally became Dalian University of Technology, Xinjiang University teaching practice base, and proposed doctoral graduate students workstation.
    (2) In September 2010, the successful acquisition of Shengda Chemical Co., Ltd., to create a good space for the future development of the company.
    (3) In September 2010, in cooperation with the Dalian University of Technology established Dalian Polytechnic Qi WANGDA Chemical Technology Co., Ltd., marking the company to enter a new stage of development in terms of school-enterprise cooperation. In 2012, the Dalian the Qi Wanda Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. was named a high-tech enterprise in Shandong Province.